Sunday, November 11, 2012

For Jon

come for a walk....ill show you around our yard....

heres the apple tree, berry patch, and along the back fence we have a chook run with plums and budlejias growing

raspberries along the walk way

lettuce seedlings that need to be planted out

This is the herb garden, with lettuce and garlic growing in-between melissa balm, thyme, sage, comfy, yarrow, mints ect

Theres the Kale happily blooming, the bees have really loved it and then the aphids came along and then it was covered with ladybugs that ate all the nature!

Apple trees and snow peas

potatoes and carrots

strawberries and cherry trees

Evans front deck, in progress

Snow peas grown around the sandpit so that the girls can easily pick them

Heres the summer veggie patch at the front of the house, planted out with tomatoes, basil, dill,  beans, zucs, cucs, broad beans, cosmos, nasturtiums,  mint and raspberries which we planted all around three apple trees and a pear.

this will soon be a very swish front entrance

And here is a planting of  native screening plants that is yet to take off ....

facing the back of the house,

and front..


Ahhhh......Decks are being built, the garden is flowering and growing, we are filled with ideas and never ending things to do, and the suburban dream continues on.....Cheers to summer


  1. what a lovely tour!!!
    thinking about you and sending lots of love through this little cyberspace-communication we have going!!

  2. Love seeing your place from here too Em.., we'll have to take a road trip sometime soon as we have friends in Alexandra & Maindample who've been asking:~) xox to ALL the family xHelen & Alex